Site Art

We know that the best festivals are about more than watching a band or dancing till the early hours or having fun with your kids, it’s about the time in-between those things too. Our approach to site art is to make sure there are plenty of things to entertain you, surprise you and enchant you, on your meandering journeys around site.

We’ll have beautiful things for you to look at, from marvellous mechanical machines to graffiti artists making BIG paintings throughout the weekend. There’ll be fun interactive things to play with, including the return of the huge – and hugely popular – audio ‘monoliths’ that make weird noises or warp your voice.

The delights will abound at night too, with all manner of creations lit up by beautiful lighting and projections, ensuring your nocturnal wandering is mysterious and magical. We’ll bring you fire sculptures and fire performers, as well as plenty of seating around the fire pits to keep the chill out of your bones.

All in all, we want to keep you enthralled and amused when you’re enjoying your well-deserved break from whatever it was that you were doing, and whilst you’re working out where to go next!


Savannah is a mixed media artist based around the Lake District national park in Cumbria, and takes her inspiration from the wild thing’s, the creatures, the colour and the connections of life.

At Art of the WildThing’s, Savannah creates whimsical paintings and vivid depictions of wildlife in a variety of styles.

“My style changes a lot and is always continuing to. It is very much based on how I feel at the time and there is a lot of exploration. Some day’s, I may produce very detailed and precise illustrations which are in contrast to the free flowing, impulse led depictions that another day may see”

This versatility allows Savannah to undertake a myriad of commission based work, including festival art , large murals, custom tattoo designs and illustrations, as well as more commercial pet portraits and graphic design work.

You can peruse Savannah’s work and make contact at:

Baker’s Art

Baker’s Art, also known as Amy Baker is an Artist of varied work, specialising in vivid, psychedelic, abstract and sometimes quite surreal pieces in a variety of medium. She is most happy with a spray can in her hand! She is influenced by the beauty of nature, space and world around her, and things we can’t see or explain other than with imagery.

Amy is based in Carlisle and can often be found painting live or tinkering with Décor for local Festivals and Events. Links to her work can be found here: