Kite Displays

It doesn’t matter whether you’re eight or eighty, if your honest with yourself, you bloody love kites. This year, back by popular demand, we are proud to say that the Solfest kite display is on!

A kaleidoscope of colour above the green fields of the Solway coast, our friends at the appropriately named Smilefactor10, along with professionals from across the UK, will be back to dazzle you once again.

Last year’s kite flyers included:

Important! Read this!!

There are several power lines that cross the Solfest site and a number of local hazards that make kite flying extremely dangerous. The professional kite flyers who attend Solfest are highly experienced and fully insured against any possible incident.

We ask that you enjoy their weekend kite displays but please do not bring your own kites to Solfest. They are not permitted anywhere inside the main festival arena or camping areas.