On-site Security

We have on site security that are there to keep everyone safe. Our security guards are hand-picked, friendly and approachable so if you are worried or concerned about anything please speak to them and make them aware of your security based issue. Equally, if they ask you to do something there will always be a good reason. Please follow their instructions.

You will know they are our security guards as they will have logoed clothing and their licence clearly displayed on their arms. However, they can’t be everywhere all the time (although they do cover the whole site) so the best kind of security is the security you provide for yourself and your friends, keep an eye on each other and everyone will remain safe.

Personal Safety

We endeavour to make Solfest a safe place to be so you can relax and have a brilliant weekend. Have fun but please look after yourselves and those around you. Here are some tips to help keep you safe…

Make sure your mobile is charged up on a daily basis – in the early afternoon – so that it is ok for the night when it’s dark, the site gets busy and you are more likely to get lost. You can charge your phone in the Information Tent just inside the main entrance to the arena, ask a steward for directions. Plan ahead; the day can easily drift by at Solfest and it gets dark quickly.

Keep your phone safe – how annoying would it be to lose all your contacts? If you can, try and back them up before you get to Solfest.

Stay in groups and make sure that you arrange a meeting point with your mates when you get to the festival; somewhere you’ll be able to meet up a few times a day at pre-arranged times. No one likes to be left to have fun on their own for too long.

At night, stay on the main roads in the campsites – don’t go exploring darker, quieter areas where you might trip or fall.

If you become a victim of crime – DO NOT RESIST – give them what they want and make sure you get a good look at them or their clothes to help us to identify them. Make a note of exactly where you were, if you can – look out for loos, venues, traders, memorable tents, and contact a Steward or member of the Security Team immediately.

The welfare tent is there for you, as is the onsite medical tent. These facilities are there to help you if you need them. Your Solfest stewards, security, managers and the Solfest team in the office are also there for you, twenty four hours a day. If you need anything please speak to us and we’ll do all we can to help.

If you have an incident with a security guard, steward or any other member of our staff that you want to tell us about – please make a note of their name on their pass. Without this information we can do very little as identifying them without a name or number is very difficult.

Please don’t be alarmed by our advice – just be forewarned that it does happen to some people and we don’t want it to be you. Plan ahead and have the most memorable festival of your life for all the right reasons!

Hearing Protection

There is a chance that the sound pressure may exceed 96dB. Prolonged exposure to loud noise can affect your hearing. Have you thought about protecting your hearing? Visit www.actionhearingloss.org.uk to find out how to protect your hearing.

Families and Children

Solfest is, at its heart a family festival. How brilliant is it that young and old, often several generations of the same family can party and have fun together in the same place. We aim to provide something for each generation, from activities in the Children’s Arena to the workshops and events in the Healing Garden, and a vast array of music and performance spaces around the site. There really is something for every generation to enjoy together. We want you to bring your grans, granddads, brothers, sisters, mums, dads, aunts and uncles and all have a brilliant time together.

Information Tent

The information tent is your one stop shop for everything you need to know about Solfest from line-ups to bus times, info on traders to workshops, and everything in between. It is well worth stopping by to see what is happening. This is also the place where you can buy a must have Solfest programme and charge your mobile phone should you need too.

Medical Services

We have an onsite medical facility that runs 24 hours a day and is staffed by trained health care professionals. If you need them, contact your nearest steward and they’ll ensure that the medical team will come to your aid.