Recycling & Green Info

As Green Champions, the Solfest Team prides itself on the fact that we have always taken environmental issues seriously. We encourage our Traders to use solar power and the Healing Area has been powered wholly by green energy since 2011.

In recent years, due to careful planning and by looking carefully at our power usage, we have also significantly reduced our use of diesel generators.

Our Straw Bale Urinals proved a hit since we started using them in 2010 and they made a welcome return in 2013! Our womenfolk will be pleased to hear that there will be bales in the Main Arena, freeing up the loos for our ladies, and saving our lovely menfolk time in queues (we all know men prefer to pee outdoors). We also save diesel costs because we don’t have to transport your wee around the county for disposal!

In partnership with our specialist waste management team. We aim to recycle as much waste as possible from the event.

In the past, some folks have left waste that could have been taken home. For example, tents, chairs and – would you believe it – caravans! Please help us by taking your stuff home with you.

Follow the Countryside Code at Solfest!